Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sometimes a Falcon is Not a Single Edged Sword

Magpie eye, magpie mind, always tempting fate

a blue black jester, wings arched in a graceful fall.

Time and the world conspired to create

violence and beauty wrapped in a strident call.  

King among cattle, nothing you won’t steal

a lonely egg, fallen chick, any sad mischance,

life offers so many, for diversion, for a meal

There’s always your own agenda to advance.

Yet at the height of your triumph, in fading light

another blade equally hard, equally honed, took

you broken to the ground, only one shape ascends

two ill fated lovers launched on one final flight.

And I found your feathers here by the foot

of the power pole where the fence ends.



Kathiesbirds said...

Guy, once again I love this. I can see the bird and feel myself in this place at this time. You have captured the moment well!

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

I am really pleased that I was able to convey some of my experience for you. Your comments brightened my day.

Thanks Guy