Sunday, February 20, 2011

Calender with Magpie

Early spring, late winter
wobbly magpies busy with sticks
it begins again

Late spring and magpies
kill jackrabbit leveret
unloved assassin

Summer comes, time
for weaning fat magpie chicks
raucous noise follows

On sunny lawn a
magpie pecks sleeping rabbit
futile kicks follow

Amid green leaves
many loud magpies come to mock
embarrassed tabby

Fall and teenaged
magpies wrestle the plant tags
but for now wire wins

Winter magpies watch
as we slog thru slushy snow
watching just watching

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dreams of Disarmament

Harry the great polled Charolais

swollen as the sin of pride,

heavy with muscle and vitality

counts his kingdom of one

way out in the far field.

He spares us only one baleful glare

for his thoughts are far away

down to the main corral where

Morely the half-pint Hereford

flashes his horns for an admiring throng.